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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hello again

Sorry for the long absence.  Life is full with 5 children still at home.  School has wrapped up and summer is in full swing.  Last school year, I had 1 homeschooling (my youngest who is dyslexic), 3 in private school, and one in a public university.  Life is funny in that it is constantly changing.  Each season brings newness and so does family life.  This coming school year will bring new changes for us including public school for the first time for one child.  2 children will be at home and my child that will be a senior in high school will be finishing up via dual credit at the community college and taking 2 other classes online to finish her 4 required classes to get a high school diploma.  My child that will be at home (that was in private school for the last 2 1/2 years) asked to be homeschooled again.  He will be an 8th grader, and I promised him one year at home and if the public school is a good experience for my 10th grader, he will follow the next year. 
So, it is that time of year for making school decisions.  Sometimes I wish it were more simple like when I was a kid.  My parents gave it no thought; we just went to the local public school.  There was no yearly agonizing.  But I guess life has changed so I thought it might be helpful for you to read some others experiences regarding this decision. 

I decided to stop homeschooling (video)

What I discovered when I quit homeschooling

Why we are quitting homeschooling

Sending my homeschooled child to public school

Enjoy these! I hope to be posting again at more regular intervals. 

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