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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ways to lighten a homeschool mom’s workload: outside accountability

Many homeschool moms can become overwhelmed with teaching a lot of children especially when they have middle school and high school aged children.   Beginning in the middle school grades, some children become rather defiant, er, determined and exert their free will rather strongly.  They desire independence and accountability so outside sources can be very useful.  There are several ways to find outside accountability and reduce the mother’s workload.


1. Homeschool co-ops. For those that live in or near a relatively large city, these may be an option.  I used one for my daughter’s high school chemistry class.  I did not feel competent enough to teach it so I outsourced.  Many co-ops have the harder classes available like math, science, and foreign languages as well as the fun, elective type of classes like drama and art.
2.Enroll in an online class for homeschoolers. While not accountable to a teacher in person, they still have the expertise of a teacher in whatever class they take. I have made use of online writing and Latin courses so I can recommend Bravewriter classes and Latin classes from Memoria press.  There are many others out there and new ones popping up all of the time.
3. Enroll in a homeschool program,complete with lesson plans, online class enrollment, and more. I have used 2 of these types of schools in the past:  Seton and Mother of Divine Grace.  It was nice to have teachers the kids could call when they were stuck plus the lesson plans all laid out.
4.Dual credit or college enrollment. Obviously this is for the high school age children beginning in 11th grade in most states. I had my son take his welding classes at a community college.
5. Online public school such as K12. This includes lesson plans and online classes with certified teachers leading the classes. These are done at home.
6.Brick and mortar school. This may be an option for some people who have been homeschooling. Both private and public schools have their pros and cons, but there are many wonderful things about both.  They can provide opportunities that you cannot replicate at home. You can find substitutions for some of these opportunities (like sports and great science labs), but for some, having it all in one place and giving the accountability completely to someone else can be so helpful.

What ways have you found to help your teens and lighten your load as a homeschool mom or former homeschool mom?

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