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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Update and making a school decision

Sorry that my little blog has been sorely neglected.  I have been doing some part time work in the spring and now this summer, I will be working close to full time so you may not see much of me. Also, my son just graduated high school so we have been busy with that.  Given those facts, my newest ebook is on hold for now.  I will try to post archived posts on making a school choice, and hopefully write a couple on the subject this summer.  My first ebook is still a good go to for seeing how I decided and the struggles I encountered.  Until I get those up, here is a new article on some ideas about making this choice.

Making a decision on school can seem overwhelming in the day and age when there are an abundance of options.  What was once an easy option for parents of days gone by has become a research infested frenzy on the part of parents.
Have we made this process so much harder than it has to be?  Many good people come from all school settings.  Research confirms that what happens at home is the biggest determining factor of school success.  As homeschool parents, we will be involved in our children’s education no matter where it occurs.  I think what used to be an easy process can become that way again.
Coming from an age of intensive parenting, we are now seeing a shift to more free range or 70’s parenting.  Our kids can and will manage if we give them the responsibility, and I believe this can extend to school choice as well.
Kids can do well in most academic settings if we care, and they apply themselves.  They have a good chance of carrying on our values if we live those said values and pass them on at home.
Deciding to send them to a school can be a leap of faith.  Trust in them to choose well and work hard, trust God to direct their path and protect them even if that may involve some painful learning situations, and trust someone else to teach and care for them while they are away from you.
To help ease the transition of handing over the educational reins, it helps to become involved by volunteering and attending school functions.  Also, getting to know other parents and the teachers can ease worries.

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