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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Parents with a prodigal child

I have a prodigal son. No, homeschooling did not spare us from this because as I have said before, there are no guarantees with homeschooling. Many of you know the story, but if you don’t, in a nutshell, my oldest son, now 21, is bipolar and has thrown everything away we have taught him. He blames us (and homeschooling) for his problems, chooses not to get help through medication and therapy, been in jail twice, and doesn’t believe in God anymore. He has done almost everything I tried to protect him from.
It has taken me a long time to move through this, and really I am still in the thick of it. I think for homeschooling moms to have a prodigal child is especially painful because of the time and sacrifices we put into these children. I know for myself I was shocked that this could happen to us because I felt we did everything right. Sure, we made some mistakes, but we tried hard. What I have found is that you can do all of the right things, and they can still go astray. That is a rather depressing thought, but they are individuals with free will. We don’t control them even if we control the environment. They have to take on these values that we are trying so fervently to engrain in them. We have to take hope that we planted the seeds, and that in time, God will bring them to fruition.
DSCN1047 (my prodigal son as a teen)

If you are the parent of a prodigal child, hang on. Know you did a good job. Not perfect but good enough. Don’t second guess. No brow beating. No dishing up guilty goulash. Extend grace for yourself and for others who are in the same situation. It can be easy to look at other families with a prodigal and think you know how it could have been prevented or fixed. But we don’t. We need grace and hope to hold on to, knowing God has got us and our children

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