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Thursday, October 22, 2015

November slump/burnout for homeschoolers: Unit studies part 2

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Today I would like to share a few more ideas on some unit studies I have done in the past with my kids to help liven things up.  See part 1 here. 

Jan Brett Unit Study (this is a unit study I created based on Jan Brett’s Christmas Treasury and Jan Brett’s Snowy Treasury.)

1. Introduce Jan Brett. Read her biography online. Show various books she has written.
2. Locate her hometown (Norwell, MA) on a map. Find the distance between our hometown and hers.
3. Read Gingerbread Baby. Point out the hints in the borders. Show other books like that (The Mitten and The Hat) Tell about writing/drawing a story Jan Brett Style with borders. Be thinking of ideas!
4. Make Gingerbread baby cookies
1. Make Gingerbread characters for play/show. Gingerbread baby masks
2. Make gingerbread house on computer
3. make a chart/graph of favorite Jan Brett books. Begin asking people and write on Internet for people to participate.
4. Read the Mitten.
1. Read the Hat
2. Play Gingerbread baby board game
3. Practice Gingerbread baby show
4. Work on personal book Jan Brett style
1. Read Christmas Trolls.
2. Work on personal Jan Brett book.
3.Make Troll stew
1. Make Christmas tree cone
2. Read Annie and the wild Animals
5. Make Annie’s corn cakes
1. Begin reading Noelle of the Nutcracker by Pamela Jane illustrated by Jan Brett
2. Work on book
3. Practice show
1. Read more of Noelle of the Nutcracker
2. Practice show
3. Practice ballet steps
4. Finish book
1. Begin putting recipe book together from favorite Jan Brett story recipies.
2. Watch the nutcracker video
3. Finish reading Noelle of the Nutcracker and discuss
4. Read the 12 days of Christmas
1. Finish recipe book
2. Read the Wild Reindeer book
3. Make Wild Reindeer sandwiches
DAY 10
1. Read the Night before Christmas
2. Write Jan Brett a letter about your favorite book and why. Tell her about the author study we did.
3. Make
Hedgehog cookies
4. In evening: Display books, perform play and show graph to Dad)
Jan Brett coloring pages

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