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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Is self-care a myth?

Recently on a forum, I noticed a conversation on “me time” aka self-care. Many of the moms were talking about how this time is a myth. It got me to thinking about the time when as a young, homeschooling mom, I read and believed that moms didn’t need to take time for themselves. It was touted as selfish, and if we did want it, you were not being content.
I really hoped by now we would be over this battle in the mommy wars, but it doesn’t seem so. Everyone is different in their need to recharge. Much has to do with personality and temperament, but why do we find fault with those who need time alone to recharge their mommy batteries, especially if it make them a better mom? And I am no longer convinced that all of this time spent with and around our children is such a good thing especially if our family become child-centered, meaning life revolves around everything they want and the parents think they need. (That is a topic for another post)
Anything can be overdone or be a channel for selfishness, but ordinary care to fill mom’s cup up so she can continue to serve her family is not wrong. Extend grace to other moms. We don’t know what they are going through, and we certainly don’t know what they need.
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Take care of yourselves, dear ones, so you can take care of your family

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