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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Creative school lunches

When my children were homeschooled, they were used to eating leftovers or something we could make.  Now that most of them are in school, they take their lunch to school.  They miss leftovers or cooked lunches so I have been on the hunt for creative lunches for a while.  My oldest, in high school, can take leftovers and heat them in a microwave that they provide in the lunch room, but the others were growing tired of sandwiches.  Here are a few things I wanted to share in case anyone else is tired of the sandwich rut.

  1. Tacos:  I found a great way to keep tacos warm. Pour almost boiling water in a thermos and let it sit while you prepare lunch.  Heat meat, beans, or eggs (depending on the type you are making) to a high temp.  Wrap them in a warm tortilla and wrap the taco in foil.  Keep in the oven while preparing the others.  When they are done, dump water out of the thermos and dry quickly.  Put foil wrapped taco in thermos and quickly close the lid.  Do not include cheese, 1lettuce, tomatoes, or any other cold ingredients.  Put those in a separate container.
  2. Hot dogs or hamburger:  The same can be done for a hot dog or hamburger as above.
  3. Tortilla wraps:  We have been adding lunch meat, along with either a cheese stick pulled apart in half or a slice of cheese, wrapped in the tortilla.  If you have children who like veggies, add some lettuce and tomato as well.  I freeze the meat and cheese kind and pop them in the lunch boxes in the morning.
  4. Homemade lunchables:  My 11 year old son came up with this.  He cut lunch meat and cheese into squares and packed crackers.  He has really enjoyed this, and I am sure it is healthier and know it is cheaper.
  5. Homemade pizza: If your children don’t mind cold pizza, you can make your own pizza (or even make frozen pizza) and pack it.  Again, I freeze it after cooking it so they don’t need a cold pack.
  6. Boiled eggs and yogurt: Lately, I have been sending my children with a boiled egg (or two) along with a bowl of yogurt or a frozen tube of it.  It is a good mix of protein and is a nice change from sandwiches.

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