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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Being a stay-st-home-mom after homeschooling part 1: The change

Being a stay at home mom after homeschooling, removes the role of educator from mom.  Many mothers must enter the workforce while others will have little ones still at home. But what about the mom with all school age children?
This can be a difficult change, especially if you have been homeschooling a long time.  Homeschooling may be your identity and once shed, you may feel empty or unsure how to proceed.  Failure and guilt may plaque you as well.  (but that’s for another post)
When I placed all of my children in school, I was thrilled to be alone because I had been so burnt out.  I had an abundance of time to nourish my depleted body and soul.  I frittered away days in the eyes of the world.  I kept up the basics of the household and enjoyed the quiet that my introverted self missed for so many years.  For awhile this was fine, but after some time, my addicted-to-productivity-personality took up residence and sent fun packing.  I felt as useless as a 5th wheel because my very important job as main educator shiftedBeing just a mom didn’t seem important enough.
Writing a domestic rule of life along with a list of goals proved helpful.  With these in hand, I had direction instead of aimlessly wandering through the days unsure of what to do.
Filling the void of homeschooling poses difficulties.  If you are staying home utilize time to discover what you love.  Now is the time to investigate new hobbies, volunteer opportunities, or further your education.  Regain yourself outside of curriculum catalogs, lapbooks, and reading lessons.  Revitalize your vibrant personality and share it with your family.  It my feel scary or selfish to focus so much on yourself, but it will help you become a better wife and mother.
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