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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October writing challenge: 31 Days of Discovery

Today I begin the 31 day challenge of writing about the same topic.  Wanting to do this for several years, I finally gave myself a much needed kick in the pants.  Most years, I have used the excuse of being busy with homeschooling.  Now that I am not, I have no valid reason.  I have a teensy bit of commitment fear, ehem, that means I am a bit lazy.  But I see a lot of value in doing this, and I have found the perfect topic for me.  It may not impress anyone, but that is not the point. 

Without further ado, I would like to introduce you to 31 days of Discovery.  Discovery of what, you may ask.  Actually, I am not sure…yet.  I chose this because this is my year of rest, and my year of rediscovering who I am and what I like to do.  After 19 years of homeschooling, with depression being my constant companion, I don’t know what I like anymore, and I have no idea really where to start.  So, my hopes are that this will jumpstart me into the realm of new ideas and new discoveries about myself.  I encourage you to try the same if you are feeling lost like you don’t know what the woman in the mirror likes to do anymore.  I am basing my idea on a book I read back in the spring called I Dare Me by Lu Ann Cahn.  Ms. Cahn found herself in a rut and wanted a way to recharge her life.  She had become bored with life and felt like a boring person.  To get herself out of this slump, she tried one new thing each day for a year.  I am not quite that ambitious so I am trying to do something new every day for 31 days in October and blog my thoughts and feelings about it along with sharing a picture from that activity.    Some of these things I have done before (but it has been a long time) and others I have not.  I know I will NOT be eating a scorpion like the author of the book did!  Feel free to try some new things this month and leave any comments about them.  

The Ocean

Chocolate Pie

Magic tricks

Dancing by the campfire

3 Mile walk


Crochet continued

My domestic rule of life

Homecoming garter mum

State park

Tech free day


Play in the rain

You Tube video

Lunch with friends

3 adult children

This introvert is fried

Blog change

Parent teacher conferences

Guest Post


School mom

Online class



New blog


  1. That sounds exciting! I'm sure you will be blessed as you find something positive in your daily discoveries! And I think a month is a lot easier to tackle than a year! I'm glad you won't be eating any scorpions! Oh, and my hat off to you for homeschooling for 19 years! Wow, what an accomplishment! I think you should pat yourself on the back for that!

  2. What a great idea and fun topic to go through for the 31 days challenge. I love this!