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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

31 day writing Challenge: crochet continued

I am continuing to practice new stitches.  My hands seem like two left feet; I can't seem to hold it well!  I thought I would leave you with a poem dealing with sewing in general with another meaning.

crochet cap

Sewn in Love

My soul unravels along the seam of life's journey.  
Darned by the master Tailor.
Stitches of my brokeness ripped from the fabric of my quilt.
Tangled and frayed, I try to follow;
letting myself be snipped of fear, shame, and pride.
My control is shredded,
and I realize my soul's utter nakedness.
Clothe me, O Lord, with You.
Hem the doubt, darn the judgment.
Gather Love in my heart.
Knit me with mercy. 
Goodbye old garment.
I am sew(n) in Love.

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