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Thursday, October 2, 2014

31 Day writing challenge: 1. Discovery: The Ocean

Nature often beckons us on a path of healing. 

For some odd reason, the beach has been calling me for some time now. I kept putting off that pestering thought because, after all, I hate the beach.  The salt water, the sticky sand that feels like it won’t wash off, the sand that comes home with you… But the waves kept whispering for me to come… and…play.  Like picturesque mountains, the water, the sound, the feel, the taste, the rhythm, nurtures people. 

I know on a surface level, I need so much rest and re- creation to fill my love giving vessel brim full again. So yesterday, I heeded the call of the waves, and I went to the beach. Yes, I have been before but it’s been a long time and never alone. 3 hours away from home.  This is so unlike me.  I am a chicken, and did I mention, I HATE THE BEACH?!  But I went and so glad I did.  In the simplicity of walking on the beach, and in the silliness of riding on the waves, my eyes were opened to something missing in myself for a long time—wonder and amusement.  How can we carry the heavy burden of life if we don’t stop and lighten the load with a sense of enjoyment in the simple things of life?  Enjoying life’s pleasures that God provides gives us the strength to carry the crosses in life.  So, here is to discovering wonder and enjoyment once again in old and new things!

Anyone (besides my IRL friends) know where I was?  The ship gives it away...if you've been there.

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  1. Goodness! Hate the beach???? I love your photos and am glad you shared them! We live on the coast of NH between the mountains and the sea, love it! :)