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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Back to School: Homework

One of the many areas of out- of- the- home- schooling that may be unfamiliar is homework.  As homeschoolers, all school work is homework to us.  In reality, homework is different from homeschooling.  This was something I learned just from experiencing it and you may too. 
As homeschooling moms, we were/are a very big part of the education of our children.  Now that they are in school (or possibly going) we have to learn to be cheerleaders, encouraging from the sidelines, instead of being the coach, the one calling all of the shots.  Homework is meant to be a skill to teach concepts but also to teach organization and responsibility.  Too often we see that homework has become a family affair whereas when we were children, homework was a child’s activity with very little parent involvement with the exception of the parent checking up on the child’s grades once in a while. 
As a new-to-school-parent, I hovered too much when my children first went to school because I had been so used to being in the center of their education.  I quickly learned to stand back so they could learn those valuable skills listed above.  I have seen many homeschoolers who put their children in school get flustered over homework because they were too involved.  They said it took way too much of their time.  At first this is true because your child will need a bit of guidance on how to do homework.  But after they have been taught, we need to step back and allow them to succeed on their own. 

I found Ending the Homework Hassle and Fail Safe Formula for Helping Your Child Succeed in School  by John Rosemond to be extremely helpful.  In this book, he lays out a plan to teach our children to take on the responsibility of homework.  He discusses setting aside a place for homework, preferably in their room, giving them a deadline when it must be done but not when to start how to motivate, and more.  I like this book so much because he is so down to earth and encouraging.  He really points out how different parents are raising children in our present age and how much the typical parent hovers and its effects vs. how most of us were raised. 

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