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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back to school: Clothing organization

School clothing can be a big deal for families especially for those that require uniforms.  Most private schools use them and more and more public schools are beginning to or have standardized dress. 
My big problem came in how to organize all of the school clothing. I knew if I let my children keep them in their dressers with their regular clothes, they would have a mess on their hands each morning while they dug for outfits like buried treasure. Of course, after they were shuttled off to school, I would be left with the remnants strewn across the floor.   I came up with a nice solution for the clothing issue which could also be used if you have standardized dress as well.  In addition, this can be modified for children with no dress code but who have a difficult time deciding on clothing or for quick and easy access in the mornings.  (More on that later).  I bought one of these lovely 4 drawer items from IKEA.  Actually, I bought 2 because I have 5 in school.  The top ones are for their school clothes that don’t need to be hung.  These include school socks, ties, undershirts, sweat suits, and PE uniforms. Basically, anything that doesn’t need to be hung goes in these.  I labeled them so they can quickly grab the items they need to dress and/or pack their PE bags. 

 This is located in my laundry room so that I can fold them and put them right in the dryer.  As well, I have a hanging rack in this room so right out of the dryer I can hang pants, skirts, and shirts. I have a section for each child so in the mornings they can just grab a uniform and dress.    This method has really streamlined our clothing issue. 

I found too, that my children tend to lose clothes during PE changing so I label them.   I found that the iron on labels I got at the local store didn't stay on and the pen faded. I tried label making tape and it didn't work well either.  Good ole sharpie seems best.
What about those who don’t have uniforms like most public schools?  Here is a neat idea I came across while looking for ideas on how to solve my monstrous laundry problem.  Why not try out an idea like this (scroll to middle of page), using hanging clothes storage or even something like I use from IKEA to label with the days of the week and fill them on the weekend with a week’s worth of clothing. 

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