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Monday, August 18, 2014

Back to school: Backpack station

I know having a large family, organization is the key to sanity and not being swallowed up in stuff.  With all of the shoes, books, and uniforms we have for school, I needed some form of system in place to manage it because I become grumpy when junk is everywhere.  Last year, the four in school would come home and just drop their backpacks on the living room floor, kick their shoes off there, and drop their uniforms where ever they changed.  I knew I couldn't live in that chaos.  So, I searched my friend google.  Like my posts on a lunch box station and managing school clothes, I did not come up with this original idea.  I took it and modified it for our family's use.
Just inside the door, I set up 2 IKEA tables in a small nook that isn't too visible.  I had my husband hang three large hooks for my 3 biggest kids' backpacks.  I have the tables just under the backpacks, supporting the weight because my kids' bags weigh a lot!  My 2 youngest slip theirs under the tables.  Then I had him mount 4 smaller hooks above the others for their PE bags.  My youngest does not change yet for PE thus only 4 hooks.  I am also having the younger ones slip their shoes under the table as well.
As far as clothing, as soon as we get home they are to change and take the uniforms including PE clothes and put them on the washer.  I decided I wanted to teach them responsibility so I will not nag them to put their clothes in there.  If they don't have clean clothes because they forgot, they will wear dirty ones. I know I will have to be vigilant about training teaching them to put things away.

Here are a few similar ideas of backpack stations that I found on the web. There are many more out there.
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