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Friday, July 11, 2014

How we afford private school on one income

I thought I might share how my family is able to send our five children to private school with just my husband's income.  I thought we never could afford such a thing as my husband is a public school teacher/coach, but once I started researching it, I decided it might just be possible.  As an aside note, my youngest is going into 4th grade and my oldest at home is going to be a senior.  This probably would not have been possible when we had seven at home and many young ones.  So, here is how we do it.

1. Scholarships.  Our children attend a Catholic school and several scholarships are available.  We receive one through the diocese and the church itself.  Although I have not pursued these, there are other scholarships available to those looking for help to fund private school.  This page links many different types of scholarships.

2. Multi-child discount. Many private schools offer significant discounts after the second or third child.  We have three children in a K-8 school and with my discount and scholarship, we are paying what equals the amount if we had just one child attending there so basically a three for one deal.

3. Grandparents. I know this is not a possibility for everyone, but we are fortunate enough to have both sets of grandparents willing and able to assist financially.  Together they pay about 1/4 of the cost that we have after scholarships and discounts.

4. Used uniforms. I take full advantage of used uniforms.  Some people are even willing just to give you their outgrown uniforms. This is another area that relatives have helped us out with as well from time to time.

5. The children.  No, we aren't into child labor, but we do expect the children to help pay for the extras of school (which come with public school as well).  They save their money for after sports meals, little gifts for parties (including birthday parties they are invited to), and more.  We also have a big jar we all throw our change into each week and about once a month I cash it in.  This is used to pay for field trips, teacher gifts, once in a while lunch at school etc.

6. Pack a lunch. This is an easy way to save money.  Lunches at school are expensive. We do allow them to purchase lunch at school once a month from our change jar.

7. Tax refund. Since we have a large family and a modest income, we usually receive a nice tax refund each year.  This always goes towards school.  What we get back pays for about 1/4 of our part of the cost.

8. Other work. Since my husband is a teacher, he has the summers off.  He takes this opportunity to make some extra money doing some sort of work.  This work usually pays for another 1/4 of the fee.  I know this is not available to most people, but maybe there is the possibility of mom working part-time on weekends or dad taking a second job on the weekends.  I have a friend whose husband has the opportunity to take on extra work once in a while.
Eventually, I may need to go to work to help pay for work, but right now I am staying home to rest and refresh after so many years of homeschooling.

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  1. What a fascinating blog. My husband and I were AMAZED at your story and how you can manage to send 5 children to private school on one salary. I am certain your children will benefit from your sacrifices and dedication to their education. Have you been to SMAA.org? I think you might find it interesting based on your story.

    Denise @ St. Mary's School