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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Feeling trapped into homeschooling

Realistically, for some of you, brick and mortar school may not be an option even though you long for it.  I know because I was there about 7 years ago.  Too many school aged children made private school not an option (I had 6 in school then) and where we lived at the time the public schools were not an option.  So, for several years I trudged through homeschooling, thinking I would bog down and never make it.  I felt trapped, like a caged animal at times, and I often resented homeschooling.  I begged and pleaded God for an answer because I knew this was not a good situation for me or my children.
But what if God doesn't change things or answer your prayer the way you want?  How can you manage to continue homeschooling when you never want to open another teacher's manual again? I hope I can share a few tips and anyone else that has some sage advice, please leave them in the comments.

First off, I would start off with some of my suggestions for burnout.  These give you some ideas of things you can do to help you physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually.  Burnout is very real and needs to be tended.
Second, I would somehow find a way to lighten the teaching load especially if you have middle school or high school age children.  At this age, most of them need some sort of accountability person of some sort, and it gives you someone to put the flack on!  This can be done by joining co-op classes, using a correspondence school (I used one that had teacher assistance/video classes for the students), tutoring in a difficult subject, or even a relative like a grandparent or dad step in with that difficult child or difficult subject that is stressing you out.
Third, if you have one (or more) children that causes a lot of stress for you because of bad attitude or whatever, have dad check in on them to discuss their behavior.  Have him come up with some consequences and rewards for behavior.
Fourth, stay plugged in to a real life support group or at least a person or two.  Some homeschooling moms get really lonely, and if you happen to be suffering from depression (maybe because of homeschooling when you don't want to) you will need someone to call on when you really struggle.
And last, quit reading homeschooling message boards and blogs about homeschooling if they drag you down. I know for me I would look at those lovely blogs with all of the neat things these moms were doing, and it would make me feel bad. Yes, I got caught in the comparison trap which is easy to do especially if you are not wanting to do what you are doing and you feel bad about the job you are doing.

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