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Monday, July 28, 2014

Back to School: Lunch making station

Over the course of the next three weeks, I will be doing a back to school series, mostly geared at families sending their previously homeschooled children to brick and mortar school but may be helpful to homeschoolers as well.  BTW, two of my kids start August 14 and the other three August 18.

Having 5 children in school, I will be making a lot of lunches.  Even last year with 4 in school, I felt overwhelmed, with the need to somehow streamline lunch making.  I scoured the internet and of course there are tons of ideas to help.  I am amazed at the number of creative people out there so I will be including lots of links to give you an idea of the many ways to do this.

I began with wanting to have an area to keep everything together that is needed for lunch making instead of running back and forth from cabinet to drawers to fridge, etc.  I had a small area in my kitchen that is mostly a gathering place for clutter that I cleared off and made available as my lunch station.
Here is a view of it.
I have a silverware tray to hold plastic, reusable spoons, forks, and knives (bought cheap at IKEA).  In the front I have my homemade reusable lunch baggies and disposable ones for the messy things.  Next to that, I have a magazine holder with my press n wrap, foil, waxed paper, and large plastic bags.  Right next to this, in a drawer I keep my reusable containers for fruit, sandwiches, yogurt, etc.
And although I have yet to set it up, I am going to put a plastic three drawer set under the empty desk area for snack items, drinks, etc.  Check these two out for the wonderful ideas.  Lunch creation station and
Another idea I am going to implement is a refrigerator box with lunch items so that the older kids can easily find what they need.  
Here are a few more lunch box making stations:

Do you have a way to organize your lunch box items and food?  If so, please share links in the comments.  

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