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Monday, June 9, 2014

Reasons people quit homeschooling: Special needs

In my last post, I discussed people who quit homeschooling because of burnout. One area that I didn't discuss in that post that can lead to burnout is having a special needs child.  Homeschooling with one or more children that have a learning issue or handicap can be very overwhelming.  I have had two children with special needs:  one with bipolar disorder, ADHD, and visual processing problems and the other with dyslexia.  On top of having a child like this, many mothers have numerous other children to care for or homeschool.  In the homeschool world, it is touted that you can in fact homeschool a special needs child.  I have no doubt that some people can, but for others they find that isn't the case for them.  Contrary to what many homeschoolers believe, most public schools can provide the services these children need.  Homeschoolers on the other hand, have to search for other programs or special curriculum which can be very time consuming and expensive.  This can be a monumental task for those with a lot of children, limited income, and/or live in a rural area with a far commute to special programs.  This is definitely one area that led to my burnout. I thought I had to do it all.  For a mom with 7 children and 2 special needs it was very difficult. I tried to be super mommy but it didn't work well.  I fell flat on my face.  We don't have to be mommy martyrs and homeschool with a special needs child if it is burning us out.  Some moms aren't burned out about it at the moment but realize they can't give their child what they need.  That to me is a very humbling and selfless act.

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