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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Reasons people quit homeschooling: Social and academic

The reasons people quit homeschooling  vary from family to family.  As I mentioned previously in this series, some of the reasons include burnout, special needs, finances, and improving the parent/child relationship. The last areas I want to discuss are the social and academic reasons families make this choice.  These can apply to families with many ages differences, but I have personally found these reasons increase as the children get older.

1.  Academic opportunities:  As I just stated, this reason applies more as kids enter the middle and high school years.  Many parents don't feel qualified to teach upper level math, sciences, foreign languages, and specialized classes.  Many of them do not have coops available to meet this need.  This reason factored in when we were deciding to send my son to high school. He now says having a teacher that knows the material well is one of the benefits of going to school.  (me trying to teach him Latin didn't go over very well.)

2.  Extra-curricular:  By the teen years, many children want to be involved in sports, band, and other activities that may be hard to come by for the homeschooling parent.  There is a lot to be said for these type of programs for developing character.  

3.  Loneliness:  By the teen years, most kids crave social interaction.  Some find themselves being lonely due to location (living rurally or in an area with few homeschoolers), and because of the fact that many children go to this school at this age.  For my family, we found our children became increasingly lonely as they grew.  We lived in the middle of nowhere, and even though we traveled to be with homeschool friends once a week, by this age, it wasn't enough to fill their social desire.  

4.  Shy children:  Some parents decide to send their children to school because one or more of them is shy and in need of more opportunities to become better socialized. Although school will not change a trait like shyness, it does force them to confront situations they would not meet at home and learn to deal with them.  I have one child in particular that is very shy, and it has forced her to become more comfortable in situations because she has to interact.  At home and when we were out and about, she was content to keep quiet.  

I am sure there are other reasons why people quit homeschooling and send their children to school.  Do you have other reasons you have made this decision?  If so, please share in the comments.

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