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Friday, June 20, 2014

Reasons people quit homeschooling: Financial reasons

Although I am more familiar and experienced with the first three reasons I listed as to why people quit homeschooling ( burnout, special needs, and improved relationships), I am not experienced with the financial reason, other than reading and talking to a few people.  So, if you are or have sent children to school for this reason, please chime in.

We all know how difficult it can be living on one income and recently many have felt the affects of the economic crunch in the last few years.  Many people have experienced the impact personally through job losses which has forced some people to have mom reenter the work force.  Some moms are able to work part-time and continue to homeschool (and some creative ones can work full-time and homeschool), but the majority of families are not able to do this due to the stress.  From my reading, I have discovered that a lot of the moms are truly sad that homeschooling will come to an end. They feel forced into the work world when they would rather be homeschooling.  Some people putting their children into school for the other reasons may feel this, but their reasons are more emotionally driven and may be relieved by sending children to school.  Both feel a sense of loss, though and may need time to grieve.  Luckily, this situation may change and allow for homeschooling again for some families.


I have also run across a few people who have decided to quit homeschooling because the mom wants to go back to work. It may partially be financially driven, but some women want to work.  Possibly they have found that homeschooling does not meet their needs or the stress is too great for them.  Like all of the other reasons, I don't think it is our place to judge their motives.

In a few situations, homeschool moms have been faced with divorce or death of a spouse and must return to work to support their family.  Divorced moms may face resistance from an ex that causes them to put the children in school.  All of these families need our compassion, support, and prayers.


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  1. "...some women want to work. Possibly they have found that homeschooling does not meet their needs or the stress is too great for them. "