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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Going Public: Your child can thrive in Public school

A year or so ago, I came across the book, Going Public:  Your Child Can Thrive in School by David and Kelli Pritchard.  I read a few reviews of it and tucked it in the back of my memory.  Recently, as I have been praying and contemplating what type of schooling my dyslexic daughter needs, I remembered the book.  I decided to purchase it because one option for her is public school because of her special needs. 
This book is written by a Christian couple of 8 children.  All of their children have attended public school for all of their years.  The thing that stood out the most  to me is that what we put in to our children at home is the most important thing, even more important than what we shelter them from.  Encountering various situations that arose as their children came across them, allowed opportunities to discuss how it aligned with their Christian beliefs.  They stated that they would much rather help their children through these situations while still young and under their care.  They offer great tools to arm children against conflicting messages. 
Also is wonderful information on how to teach our children to  share the Lord with those they encounter in school. They refer to school as a mission field.  What was also refreshing to hear is how many teachers and parents they came across who are Christians. 
Chapters include You can do it, Is public school education an evil plot, what the Bible says about education, the most important thing to teach your children, the magic of being nice, submitting to authority, teachable moments, up close and personal, everybody should "homeschool", your very best chance, for men only, the nearest mission field, the moon is round.  Included is an afterward by their 4 oldest grown children.  (they still have some in school)  It is an interesting chapter on how public school actually strengthened their convictions. 
If you are contemplating public school or have already made that decision, I highly recommend the book as a way to prepare both you and your children for school in the fall. 


  1. Hi Lisa! Some interesting thoughts brought up in this post! And I am glad to have "found" you again!

  2. I really appreciated this book as well! We have chosen public school after much discernment and it's hard to find support sometime. This book is great! Thanks again for your blog, really enjoy your perspective!

  3. Tisha,
    You are right; it is hard to find anything written like this book. I am glad it was helpful.