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Monday, May 12, 2014

Summer time

The end of school is quickly approaching.  Whether you home school or send your children to a brick and mortar school, it can be a much needed time for a break for everyone.  From the emails I receive, I hear from moms who have made either the complete or partial transition to school or those still discerning as to whether school may be a better choice for their families.  For those who choose to put their children in school, summer can be a much different experience than those moms who home school. 

For the home school mom, summer is a busy time of the year, but it is a different kind of busy.  Most homeschooling moms take the summer months off to plan for the coming year and catch up on house projects.  Time is spent researching and purchasing curriculum, organizing last year’s work, cleaning out and refreshing the home school area, and evaluating how the year went.  Once you make the decision to send children off to school, summer can look much different.  The first time I sent children to school, my summer was spent purchasing things needed for school, collecting records for the school, and spending a lot of fun time with the kids.  If this is your first time sending children to school after homeschooling, you will find that your summer will not include school planning in the same way unless you are keeping some home.  What a change that is and a refreshing one for many!  More time will be freed up for working on those projects you never got to, time to spend on yourself, and more time to just enjoy your children instead of having to wear the teacher hat. 

Since most of my children were in school this past year, I plan on spending a lot of time enjoying time with them.  I am more than ready to just be mom and not have to be in teacher mode.  I won’t spend August frantically deciding what we will be doing for school.  I won’t dread the coming school year because I am comfortable in my decision to have them in school. 


What are doing this summer instead of school planning?

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