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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Making the decision: Homeschool, private, or public.

Most of us are nearing the end of school.  You may have mixed feelings about summer or are super excited to get to spend fun time with your children.  Whatever the case may be, I bet some of you are discerning schooling options for your children for the fall.  I know I am.  Sometimes, it can be so overwhelming to think about the issues that come with school decisions.  So, how can you decide?  How can you know what God wants for your family?  The obvious thing is to pray and discuss the issue with your spouse.  Some may find it helpful to read about others' choices and put things in writing can help you flesh things out. I am a visual so I like to write it down--make little charts and lists.  So how did/do I decide? I thought I might share in case you are in this stage and feel a little lost or wary.   

1.  Write down all of the available options even if some seem far fetched or ones you don't think you would choose. These can include public, private or parochial, charter, homeschool, hybrid school, part time school, etc.
2.  Next, make a pro's and con's list for each.
3.  Ask yourself if you could live with any of the con's listed.  (after all, there is no perfect option)
4.  Be open to your needs.  What do you really need, not so much what you want. As you look through your list, ask yourself if you are being honest about your needs or is the ghost of your public school past breathing down your neck.  (see #6)
5.  If some of the con's seem insurmountable, are there ways to overcome them.  For example, at first glance private school may seem out of your league because you know your financial situation.  But on further investigation, you may find out there are scholarships available, multi-child discounts, grandparents willing to help etc.
6. Remind yourself that your child's experience won't be yours.  I know I worried about my kids getting teased a lot because that was my experience.  Also, remember kids are more resilient than we give them credit for.
7.  Hopefully, after looking and pondering a bit, you can cross off a few options that you know will not work.  When I first sent my children to school, I did this whole process, but I was too scared to make a decision. I informed my husband and let him in on it.  In the end he made the decision I knew in my gut we needed to make but was too scared to do.

If you have any ideas on how to make this school decision, please share in the comments.  Also, let me and the other readers know your decision. 


  1. I had a freak out moment at the end of the school year. Even though our oldest had a great experience in Kindergarten at our public school, I felt that I "should" be homeschooling him. So I decided to start a 30 day "novena". Really praying and fasting about this specific decision. 18 days in and God has made it abundantly clear that even though I think I know best, public school is really the best choice for the entire family. There has been a lot of peace and clarity from the Lord since praying and fasting about this.

  2. wow, that is amazing that God made it so clear for you.

  3. wow, that is amazing that God made it so clear for you.