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Friday, April 25, 2014

Benefits of school

Since putting my children into school, I have noticed several benefits for my family.  While these may not be across the board benefits for all families, I have found it common in reading about other families who have made this choice and with friends who have done the same. 

Back to School

1. Each day, both of my younger children are excited to share with me the neat things they have done at school.  My high school aged children don't share as freely ( probably because they are teens), but they will talk when asked.

2. Positive peer pressure.  Yes, some peer pressure is good.  My children don't want to look dumb or embarrass themselves in front of their friends so they are diligent about getting their homework done without any prompting from me.  This is a huge benefit for me because I had such a hard time motivating my pre-teens and teens.  It was exhausting.  This is a benefit that so many people find.

3. They no longer get mad at me for hard and/or assignments they deem dumb.  They fuss about the teacher, but they don't direct it at me.  Another huge one here.

4.  Accountability and organization.  They are learning to meet deadlines (and homeschool does not mimic this as well), and they have to keep up with their work, write their assignments down, and remember to give me forms from the teacher.

5.  My shy children have had to speak up.  They have gained a lot of confidence now.  Before, they wouldn't ask the librarian for help or the cashier for tickets for the game booth.  Lots of growth in this area.

6 I am having more quality time with my children because I am refreshed when they come home.  I need quiet, (because I am an introvert) and this has helped me stay calmer.

Have you experienced any benefits if you have put your children in school after homeschooling? 

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