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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

homeschooling burnout or something more?

Recently I read on a popular homeschool blog about how homeschooling is hard at times but not to be discouraged by those hard days.  While I agree with this, there is a distinction between it being hard work and it not working out for you anymore. 


I have noticed a trend from the commenter's on that particular board and on homeschool message boards I visit.  Many people reference crying episodes and/or depression but slogging through, saying, “Oh, yes.  Homeschooling is just hard work.”  A day, a week, or even a short season of crying, slogging through homeschooling is one thing, but if the crying becomes daily, weekly, status quo take a second look.  I know because this slogging was my modus operandi for years all in the name of hard work. 

Yes, homeschooling is hard work, but there should be many good days and good feelings that go with it.  I find that there is a fine line between homeschool burnout (which to me is a temporary season) and being burnt out (which is totally spent, I can’t do this anymore). 


So, how to tell the difference?  Try a few of the things I suggest in my burnout series or other ideas you may come across about homeschooling burnout.  Give it a few months and then evaluate.  Are things overall improving?  Do you still have the same sense of dread upon waking each morning?  Or are you full of joy once again? Pray a lot. Ask others what they see in you.  (make sure you ask a spouse or trusted friend who will be brutally honest with you and not try to convince you one way or the other.)


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