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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Help for homeschool burnout: Know your worth and pay yourself accordingly!

Since February is notorious for homeschool burnout, I wanted to revist the idea of paying yourself as a way to ease this malady.
According to recent studies, stay-at-home moms monetary value is set at $112,000+ in 2012.  Teachers salaries vary, but as of December 2013, they range from $44,000 up to $75,000 as a new teacher.  Both are fair sums of money and put together, they are darn good pay!  Moms, you are worth a lot!  Did you realize this?  Looking at these studies  makes me feel like my work is valued at least in theory. 

You are essentially working a full-time job, yes minus the pay, but you are saving your family a lot of money in the process.  Working full-time and putting children in private schools cost a lot of money.  You are already doing both, but have you been paying yourself?  Since you are doing the work and saving the money, it only seems fair to pay yourself accordingly. Now, I realize most of us don’t have the luxery of paying ourselves over $100,000, but shouldn’t we make ways to pay ourselves, a little here and there to help keep up our spirits and avoid burnout?  I think so.    My bloggy friend, Scooper, so eloquently states why and how to pay yourself. 

In my post in November about this topic, I listed a few ways to pay yourself.  Since that time, I have been brainstorming a bit and have come up with a few more.  I know finding the money to do some of these may be tricky, but I suggest keeping a jar to put your change in each week and budgeting it in the homeschool budget at the beginning of each year.  Please feel free to share ideas in the comments. 


1. Go to the salon and have your hair done.  Full deal.

2. Along the same lines, go have your nails, toes, or eyebrows done professionally.

3. Go out to lunch or dinner with a girlfriend.

4.  Hire a cleaning lady once in a while.

5.  When everything is so overwhelming, take an entire week off school even if it is not planned.

6.  Join a book club or other group such as a knitting or quilting group. 
If you are in the throng of burnout right now, be sure to visit the series I wrote last month on ways to get a handle on homeschooling burnout

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