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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ideas for the winter blues: February

Recently, I posted some ideas for January to help you with the winter blues.  Today I am sharing a month's worth of ideas for February, leaving plenty of time to gather supplies and make plans.  Add some fun into your day.  You will be surprised how the little things can lift everyone's spirit. 

Week 1:  For the kids:  Make chain hearts.  Here are a variety of ideas for different ages and craft levels.  I love the felt ones.  We are trying them this year. 

For Mom:  Read a book, totally unrelated to parenting, motherhood, homeschooling, self-help, or the like.  Read something just because, just for fun. 

Week 2:  For the kids:  Plan and have a Valentine's day party.  Nothing spells fun more than a party, but do keep it simple so as not to get stressed.  Make some heart cut out cookies to decorate, make homemade Valentine cards, and play a few games. 

For Mom:  Go out with your husband for Valentine's Day.  If money or a babysitter is an issue, plan a date at home after the children are in bed. 

Week 3:  For the Kids:  Have a family movie day after school.  Let everyone vote on what to watch.  Make popcorn and Kool-Aid and everyone sit together including mom.  Don't let yourself use this as a time to work.  Enjoy and discuss the movie with your children.

For Mom:  Hire out the children to do some of your chores this week so you can work on a hobby.  If they are too young or money is tight, let a chore go for the day so you can carve out time for yourself or use computer time or movies as "pay" instead of money.

Week 4:  For the Kids:  Take a nature walk.  Explore from 3 different perspectives (unless there are not enough people)  Have each person do an activity from a different perspective.  One person gathers items and explains them, one takes pictures of what they see and explains, and one person draws and writes about what they saw.  We did this last year, and it was a hit.  Hopefully, the weather will be warming up enough by this time to do this activity. 

For Mom:  Do something new with your hair or makeup.  Get a haircut or try a new way to put it up.  Buy some new makeup and watch you tube on how to apply it.  Small things like this really make you feel good. 

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