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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ideas for the homeschool winter blues

Winter is the season of homeschool burnout.  Many people have a hard time getting back to school after the Christmas holidays and are facing several more months  indoors with restless children.  Over the next few months, I am going to share a few ideas to help give your homeschool a lift and mom's mood as well. 
I have planned two special activities per week for the month so as not to overwhelm you, one for the children and one just for mom.


Week 1: For the Kids:   We are beginning our back to school with an Epiphany party.  For those of you who are Christian, this is the feast of the Three kings on January 6.  I like to begin our day with reading a book about the Three Kings.  For older children, reading right from the Bible is a good idea.  Since I have a younger child, I like to use a picture book.  My favorites are Old Befana and The Story of the Three Wise Kings both by Tomie de Paola.  We also make a Crown cake (I use a pound cake recipe), and we make crowns for the children to wear.  We also give our children 3 gifts that they share as a group:  a book, a game, and a movie to represent 3 gifts given to baby Jesus. 
For Mom:  take a hot bath, with hot tea (or other beverage of choice).  Maybe even your dh will give you a massage when you are done.

Week 2: For Kids:   January is a snowy month in most places.  Living in the south, however, my children rarely see snow.  Therefore, we like to do snowcrafts.  Besides the traditional cutting paper snowflakes, I like to make snowflakes with puffy paints.  You will need white puffy paints (we like the glittery kind), waxed paper, and a snowflake pattern.  Place the pattern under the waxed paper.  Using the paint, fill in the snowflake and let dry.  When dry, peel from the waxed paper and hang on the window. 
For Mom:  Buy something new for yourself.  Even if you are on a tight budget, go to a thrift store and pick up something that will be new for you.  Something as simple as a new scarf or jewelry can really pick up your spirits. 

Week 3:  For Kids:  Bake yeast bread into shapes like snowmen or bears.  Most kids love to cook and kneading bread can be very therapeutic.  Nothing smells quite so homey as yeast bread.  Try this recipe.
For Mom:  Find a way to exercise this week, even if it is just running up and down the stairs.  It will make you feel so much better.

Week 4:  For Kids:  Nature scavenger hunt.  This may be a bit tricky if you live where there is a lot of snow, but I still think it would be worth getting outside for a short time.  Give the children a list of objects to find such as a rock, a pinecone, an acorn, a leaf, a feather, a shell, a stick shaped like an object, other nut or seed, something colorful, a flower, a piece of bark, and an insect.  Give them a set time and see who can get the most items. 
For Mom:  Treat yourself to using paper plates, napkins, and flatware for the week and spend that time you would have done dishes, doing something you love. 

Look for more ideas for the coming months.  This post is linked up at The Homeschool Post.
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