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Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Gift of trust and grace

As God has peeled away the bitter pride layers of my soul, I have been left raw and exposed.  Burning eyes with hot tears have visited my cheeks more than I care to admit.  But once all of the layers of fear and doubt have been stripped away, I hope to be left with something beautiful. 

Already I can tell I am a more open and forgiving person. I realize God works in many ways.  My pre-fabricated homeschool-is-the-only-way-lifestyle is not the only path.  I have learned you can't always tell what is going on with someone or a family by the way they school, dress, or how the kids behave.  Parents love their children and take their responsibilities for raising them seriously.  Choosing an option differently than mine should not be a threat or a sign of holiness or lack thereof. 

God is also asking me to trust Him in a very profound way.  He wants me to release my children to Him, realizing He can care for them better than I ever could hope for.  Just as He took care of Moses, Isaac, Daniel, and many others before me, I know He has a plan for each of my children.  He offers grace for me today---not for future problems I dream up or crazy what if's I invent---but for what really is--now--today.  And that is enough.  I must walk on water--release my children to Him. This is my gift to Him.  My trust--even when it is hard, even when it is scary, even when I don't like it, even when I don't understand because then I receive His gift of grace. 

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  1. I appreciated reading this post. I do plan and hope to homeschool my son when he is old enough, but I realize the importance of doing so with the attitude that I am privileged (and not obligated by Christian law) to do so, and that my son's soul is in God's hands, not mine!