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I hope you will find this little spot a place of rest and refreshment for your soul. My intention is to build up women in the trenches of homeschooling. This includes veterans who are burned out and former homeschooling moms who have decided for one reason or another to put some or all of their children in school. Thanks for stopping by. Take a deep breath of refreshment for your weary soul.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Most posts of 2013

Sarah, over at Amongst Lovely Things, is having a "most" posts of 2013. Although I have only had this blog up and running for almost 2 months, I thought it might be fun to participate.  Plus, some of you may not know that this blog has a specific focus, but I combined my other 2 blogs into this one, adding relevant posts to homeschooling burnout and putting children in school. 

So, here ya have it.

Post with the most clicks:  Autumn changes about my discernment of sending a few more children to school.
Post with the most comments:  Discovering peace and trust in which I reflect on the positive decision to send them and how I don't need to worry because the God who took care of Mary and Joseph can surely take care of my situation.
Post with the best picture:  Getting a handle on homeschool burnout:  Emotional and mental needs . I used this picture of the lake overlooking my parents home.  I love it because it reminds me of my dad--he recently passed away. 
Post that was hardest to write: This was a toss up between Who is the Author of your life  and The gift of trust and grace because they both deal with my pride and my control freak personality. 
Post that was my personal favorite:  Getting a handle on homeschool burnout:  Spiritual needs. I had a hard time writing this--even though it wasn't painful for me but because the words wouldn't come together right.  I finally gave up trying, prayed for the Holy Spirit to pour out of my fingertips, and it finally came together. 

Head on over to Sarah's and add your link!


  1. Do you suppose there is any way, at all, to avoid the burnout?

  2. I think some people will experience burn out no matter what they do, especially if they continue for a long time. This happen, to people who have careers--they just get tired of their jobs, but with time, they rebound. I think it is the same for homeschooling. When we find ourselves at this stage, we can try the things I have written about (and others) to get ourselves back on track.