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Friday, November 22, 2013

Homeschooling moms, pay yourself. You're worth it!

As homeschooling moms, we know it is a full time job in addition to all of our other homemaking duties. I often wonder what our worth is in money.  As a way to prevent burnout, I began paying myself because I am clocking in full-time hours (and then some) by homeschooling my children.  There are several ways I have done this: 

* Commit to time alone away from the children once a week

* Commit to a date night with husband monthly

* Take a half day retreat (or day if I can manage) once a month

* Take an overnight trip yearly

* frequently buy myself something I want--make-up, clothes, new book

* allow myself to use paper plates frequently

* bring take out home when I am tired.

There are many more wonderful ideas on things you could do.  You may have tweak things depending on your family and what your budget allows, but try to be creative.  Swap babysitting with another homeschool friend or have a homeschool teen over to watch the little ones while you do something for yourself.  Get creative!

What are you doing to "pay" yourself for your homeschool work?

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