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I hope you will find this little spot a place of rest and refreshment for your soul. My intention is to build up women in the trenches of homeschooling. This includes veterans who are burned out and former homeschooling moms who have decided for one reason or another to put some or all of their children in school. Thanks for stopping by. Take a deep breath of refreshment for your weary soul.

Monday, November 18, 2013


I have been participating in a book study for A Million Little Ways by Emily Freeman.  This is a must read.  Without giving it away, I will share what I can.  This book is about creating, celebrating, and sharing your art----and that can be done in many ways.   I have often fretted that being a homeschooling mother wasn't enough, that somehow what I do wasn't important.  This book helped me see how so many things we do can be art.  Not just music, drawing, writing, and the like, but simple things like preparing a home cooked meal, sitting down day after day homeschooling your little ones, bringing a smile and joy to someone if you work in the public sector, and many more other ways.  I also believe that there isn't just one way for each of us to create.  God calls us in many ways, and those ways can change over time.  That is what is happening with me right now.  I am unsure what God is calling me to, although I have a bit of an inkling.  My art has been homeschooling for 18 years, but God is moving my family in unknown ways right now.  It is a bit scary, to leave that security behind, but I am sure He has wonderful things planned for me. 

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