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Monday, November 18, 2013

Art, passion, and gifts

I am living this Holy week.  Actually, it is a Holy year+.  The cross of an ill child is difficult indeed, and when it presents itself in behavior as in bipolar disorder, it is agonizing.  Through all of this time, I have contemplated my art, passion, and gifts to God and the world.  I can't seem to recognize them through the fog of grief and anxiety. 

But maybe I need to press on, grappling for those things in the unknown, the unwanted, or the things that I take for granted.  But instead of accomplishing great, rewarding works, I instead notice the details, hug the pain as I sit at the foot of the cross sharing in Christ's agony, love the unlovable, forgiven the one who doesn't deserve it or ask for it.  Instead of turning inward and noticing my pain, I can look to the One who knows and experienced it all, and these can be my art, passion, and gifts to Him and others, including myself.

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