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Monday, December 24, 2012

Your worth

Where do we find our worth?  I have been pondering this a lot lately.  When I put my children in school last year, I felt worthless.  I felt like I was no longer needed and thus not worthy.  Being "just a mom" didn't seem like enough, as if homeschooling is what made me holy.  My identity is wrapped up in homeschooling and motherhood.  That isn't always a bad thing, but when part of that was taken away, I felt worthless.  Yes, it was a major "career change" and felt like my right arm had been cut off, but I let it bring me down.  I need to find my worth in God.  I have always had in my mind the perfect little plan of how my life would play out.  I wrote the script long ago, but someone stole it and rewrote the script.  Um, that someone is the great I AM.  I didn't plan for depression and anxiety, miscarriages, a bipolar son.  I need to rest in knowing I am needed by my family in whatever capacity that takes.  I ran across this quote recently (sorry I can't source it-I lost that), and it is worth posting. 
"You have to let go of your ideal and find God's ideal---then make that your reality." I am really meditating on that. 

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  1. I love your posts! I am some what the opposite. I came to the parenting party late I still identify strongly with working/career. P.S. My blog has moved from Forgiven to www.stephaniehoffpauir.com