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Thursday, April 28, 2011


I had intended the first post after Easter Sunday to be about education, but something more pressing has come to my attention that I feel needs to be addressed.  I get quite a number of emails from this blog.  Most of them are a reply of thanks for what I am doing here. However, I do get some negative emails (and posts) claiming I am just like those modernists or that I am claiming that we all swing to the other extreme side.  That is not what this is about at all.  But I can see how a strict traditionalist could think that I am abandoning all of those important issues like skirts only for women.  But I am trying to show what the Church really teaches on certain matters that Traditionalists have made like dogma.  I am seeking balance, and the Church provides that. 
I wrote here, in another post,

from a book I am reading this Lent, Consoling the Heart of Jesus.
from p.244 "Sometimes, instead of getting people to run after lesser goods, the bad spirit tries to get them running after true goods in an extreme way. His intention in playing this version of his trick is to eventually leave his victims feeling tired and discouraged. After all, people can only live life to the extreme for so long."

I think Satan can use extremism in any form to draw us away from Truth.  That is what I am trying to acknowledge here on this blog.

Here is a comment from a recent poster:

"WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR GOD-GIVEN INSTINCT FOR REVERENCE? I'm not so interested in written codes/doctrine as this must have "some" adaptation to modern times. However, DECENCY has no era!
I am so shocked at what I see in church that I cann't even concentrate on the Mass. Mothers who look like skanky prostitutes and their young daughters not far behind. Breasts out, heels & skirts up to their "buns," dripping in oversized earrings, excess make-up & ATTITUDE! Gum, talking throughout, last arrived/first out (even before Priest) with numerous illegitimate, uncontrollable babies/kids.
God says come as you are, but once you have been in the Church you should not appear the same as a newcomer who is "ill and welcomed."

What happened to "Sunday clothes?" Why is God not good enough to dress for, yet birthday parties and the like get the best!
I plan to do my small part. Please do yours."
First of all, I am doing my part, and I think most of the readers here are as well.  This comment came across as if I am promoting swinging to the other extreme side.  I am not.  I find what this poster said about people dressing immodestly and church horrible (not to mention the lack of reverence).  BUT I will not longer judge these people.  I know what they are doing may be scandalizing, but there is a chance they don't realize that, haven't been educated, etc.  I still believe in modesty, in the healthy sense, the way the Church actually teaches, not in the extreme way some traditionalists promote.