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I hope you will find this little spot a place of rest and refreshment for your soul. My intention is to build up women in the trenches of homeschooling. This includes veterans who are burned out and former homeschooling moms who have decided for one reason or another to put some or all of their children in school. Thanks for stopping by. Take a deep breath of refreshment for your weary soul.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Taking care of yourself

Since discovering that I have been suffering from anxiety and depression, I have read a lot about it.  One outstanding theme is to take care of yourself through exercise, sufficient sleep, eating well, and having time alone for refreshment.  I rarely did this through my early years of mothering and especially once I became a traditionalist.  I always assumed the hard, bone-weary tired was just my cross to bear and that I had to die to self.  While this is true to an extent, we must take care of ourselves or we will crash and burn.  Mothers give a lot so we must replenish.  For me, the biggest help (and hardest to do) has been to get enough sleep.  I don't sleep well by nature so I struggle with it. Not the desire, mind you, but getting and staying asleep.  I no longer feel guilty if I don't have time to do everything because I need to sleep.  Before, I would stay up late or get up early to get things done.  Now I reallize that sleep needs to be as much as a priority, if not more, than other things like a clean home.  I remember reading from a SSPX source about mothers and sleep once.  The author asserted that you could sleep when you are in the grave but right now you are in a battle with work to be done.  Well, I won't be doing much fighting if I am totally depleted.  I no longer listen to such garbage, but instead I have become willing to do whatever I need to do to heal and take care of myself.  Because if I don't take care of me, there will be no one to give to these beautiful people God has entrusted to mePlease share ways you take care of yourself.  More later as I should be getting ready for bed.  Sleep, wonderful sleep.


  1. Great post, LLMom! I don't think it was any religious conviction that kept me from taking care of my self, just the ever growing demands of caring for my family. Recently I have been trying to take self-care seriously. Next month I will work on going to bed earlier---going to bed early is hard for me because I so love the quietude of the nighttime hours.

    But, in addition to getting more sleep, I am now taking some key supplements that are really helping, making sure that I get the family diet back on track (in a reasonable--not extremist--fashion), looking for a sustainable exercise program (hoping we might be able to get a bike for my birthday!), painting my nails, wearing make-up and fixing my hair *everyday*, insisting on a regular shower time, and looking for realistic ways to incorporate time for my own interests in the days and weeks. In addition, I am making sure that I smile, hum and say thank you frequently.;)

  2. Almamater,

    Thanks for the reminder of fixing oneself daily. I know I feel so much better when I take time to fix my face and hair.

  3. Thanks for calling that garbage "garbage." It takes so very little to make me feel guilty. I needed this post. Great blog, Stephanie

  4. I'm so glad you posted on mine so I could come and see this here. I suspect I might be suffering from some underlying depression/anxiety and it kind of scares me. I hate drugs and don't want to have to use any but at the same time I know I need to do something before it gets worse. I am the same with the sleep. I love it, crave it, but at the same hate it because it gets 'in the way' of doing other things. I've been getting up earlier during Lent to pray and I actually have enjoyed that quiet time before everyone else wakes up.Our baby sleeps with us and I love it except when he is fitful and then no one gets good sleep. He's teething so I know this stage will pass soon. I like to stay up late at night to 'catch up' but maybe I should give that up for the sake of sanity. I've heard (and preached it) that lack of sleep is the #1 cause of depression turning into pychosis. :(
    I like almamater's ideas...especially the toe-nail polish-I guess that's not so vain and could be good for me.
    I've recently started working with a professional doctor of homeopathy and I think we might be able to figure things out with that and staying on top of good nutrition and other supplements.
    God bless you and we'll all pray for each other!