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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Educational choices

Noted in the side bar of this blog are links to the Church's teachings on education.  If you notice, there is no mention of what type of school, including homeschooling.  It clearly states that parents are the primary and first teachers of their children, and that we have the right to choose the type of school that will best meet our needs.  However, many Catholic homeschoolers and traditionalists believe homeschooling is the only and best way to educate a child.  Many will tell you that you are sending your kid into hell by allowing them to attend public school. As well, they may even say that a Novus Ordo Catholic school is worse than a public school because of the heresy they will be exposed to. 
For years I believed this.  I was so scared of the evil government schools and the Catholic schools-that-aren't-Catholic.  I believed these lies.  I was led by fear.  Although my decision to homeschool originally was based on educational and safety reasons, I soon began to fear for my children's souls and thought these types of schools would automatically lead them on the road to perdition.  But since having my eyes opened, I have seen that there are numerous children in the system who are living their faith, including ones in Catholic schools.  I had heard that there weren't any good Catholic schools in this country and recently I have found two.  One is a high school teaching a classical liberal arts curriculum including using the Didache series for religion.  Another one is a K-12 school with the priests teaching religion (again using Didache) and nuns for the younger grades.  This parish has both the Novus Ordo Mass and Traditional Latin Mass including the school Mass for the children so they can learn the rich heritage of the Mass. 
I have also seen homeschoolers scorn others for choosing to put their children in school after homeschooling them for a while.  Where is the charity here?  I believe people are earnestly seeking to do what is best for their children and family.  I believe they have prayed about it and maybe even received some spiritual advice.  Instead of chastising one another, we need to extend charity.  Homeschooling is not for everyone. Homeschooling does not offer any guarantees.  We like to think if we just do 'x,y,z' they will turn out right.  However, there is free will and no absolute formula for success.  God can extend grace where He chooses.  We do our part and He is in charge of the results.  And He is bigger than homeschooling or any kind of school choice.


  1. Soooo, are you going to tell us the location of the schools???

    I agree about knowing kids who live their faith and come out unscathed. The young men who have entered the seminary/been ordained from our TLM community graduated from public high schools and colleges. I know many really great kids--Catholic or otherwise--who have done excellent from a moral, academic, and social standpoint going through the public schools. However, in the cases I know, it had to do with really fabulous, upbeat, faith living (rather than faith-preaching) families. The parents were super involved in their children's education and helping them discern the messages they heard from other students and from teachers. Seems like at least as much hard work as home schooling ;)

    I agree with you, though, so much of living this super-Catholic life is potentially based in fear and consequent control. And the fruits are...well, unpredictable. There certainly isn't any formula, is there? But, love, honesty, integrity, tremendous faith & trust, a sense of humor and, I think, above all a lot of humility will go a long way.

    *Sigh* Now to just do all of that. Being strict about discipline, clothing, music, and education suddenly seems the easier option LOL! (But a much less fun option)

  2. Alma Mater,

    You are right about parents being involved in education. I think that is so key not where they school.

    P.S. if you want to know the location, email me!

  3. I need to read this every day. You have so much common sense.