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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Solving the Homeschooling crisis

Please check out this great link. It is not Catholic, but it has so much valuable information on many of the problems occuring in Catholic homeschooling circles....extreme modesty, "quiverful", extreme sheltering, etc.


  1. Just read the entire article and all I can say is, "yes, yes, and yes!" What an excellent articulation of the thoughts I have been having as of late. Thank you so much for sharing. We need to get together sometime...

  2. Can you explain "quiverful" to me? -- or what you think it is. I've heard this term a couple of times. In one context it was admirable, in another, it was not. Is there even a reliable resource on what this is and is not?

    I'm going to read the link you give here now, but searched for "quiverful" and it did not come up in the article.

  3. Jennifer,

    quiverful is allowing God to plan your family, number and timing. They even believe NFP is not allowable. The article may not mention quiverful (it has been a while since I have read it)

  4. Thanks. I first understood quiverful to be having as many children as possible--like your holiness was somehow based on how many children you produced. Which, of course is opposite to most of the world, but still wrong.

    If quiverful is simply living under God's natural law and not trying to thawrt it, that's quite admirable.

    Thanks for this article. So far it's quite interesting--he expresses some points quite well. I don't think all of his conclusions in pt 4 are spot-on, but the rest of what I've read is very good.

  5. In my experience, I have seen it touted that you are more blessed if you have a larger number of children. Some even take it to the extreme of weaning their baby so they can quickly get pregnant again as if it is some competition. I believe having children and many of them is beautiful. I am just concerned over others who judge people if they need to use NFP for serious reasons.

  6. I enjoyed this article; thanks for the link. Very interesting food for thought. To addend the above wise comment you made....and there are many instances where couples do indeed have serious reasons. We must not lose the compassion and humility to try to see them as God sees them, with understanding of their weakness, infirmities, and limitations; and to give them the dignity as children of God to make that prudential decision as a couple and family.

    ---Nina :}